Workhorse Never Quits

by Dirk Knudsen
Posted on: Prep Football News

Workhorse Never Quits

 The recruiting game is one that many people claim to know inside and out. But it is a fluid process and changes all the time. No one knows that like the boys that live the life and hit the road in search of their shot to be named amongst America's best. Road Warriors in a modern version of an ancient quest; to be named among the best.

Visa Thach of Kentwood High School is one of those guys. He has worked hard at improving his physical attributes and football skills for three solid years and he is starting to see the benefits of all that hard work.

He is 5'9" and 230 pounds right now and expects to start as a running back and linebacker at Kentwood this year. He is trimming down to 220 for the season. He was an impact player last season and contributed where ever he was at on the field.

Of Cambodian descent Visa is a hard charging powerhouse who holds a rare combination. Speed and power in a massive frame. He can generate a lot of force using his shorter stature and thick build to punish those who come for a piece.

He has some things to work on for sure but knows where his strengths are too.

"My lateral mobility, ability to move quickly and change gears is something I am proud of," he said. "That and in a group setting I like to lead...to be a quiet guy who tries to bring my intensity to the game whenever I can and be an example."

At Kentwood he has been used as a hammer to pound the ball in near the goal line. Sort of a red zone specialist. Something every team needs.

His 425 bench press tell that story well and his near 500 squat and over 500 pound dead lift show why he becomes an immovable object on defense.

Schools have been paying attention and watching his progress through camps and combines the past few seasons. He is currently on the watch lists for San Diego State, Michigan, Washington State, Idaho, Washington, CAL,UCLA, USC, TEXAS, and SMU.

He feels his best shot at an offer right now is San Diego State.

"They are taking 2 Fullbacks this year and from everything I am hearing from them I should be very high on their list. I will work as hard as I need to and earn an offer from them at their camp," he stated.

A complete road warrior Thach has earned awards almost everywhere he has traveled. They include:

2010 FBU Seattle RB MVP & Top Gun
2010 NUC Honolulu FB MVP & Strongman

He also attended an Under Armour Combine last month in California and shined placing 11th out of 225 athletes.

"That was definitely the best group I have ever seen all at one place at one time. So I know I can compete with the best of them and that hard work pays off."

Now on to the rest of the pre-season. This is the life of a top recruit trying to make it in the ultra competitive world of football recruiting. Take a look at this near term schedule.

NUC Seattle 5-28-2011 
Nike Football Combine 6-4-2011; Oregon
Jason Gesser Northwest Elite 6-10-2011
San Diego State One Day Skills Camp
Washington State Foootball Camp 6-19 to 6-22
University Of Washington Skills Camp 6-25 
Kentwood Team Camp UPS 7-11-2011 to 7-15-2011

2011 WASHINGTON FIVE STAR PERFORMANCE Football CAMP & Combine -7/31/2011 Auburn

It is his time to shine and to prove himself. There is no doubt that Visa will play collegiate ball as hard as he works and his 3.8 reported GPA should be enough to get the academic schools interested in him sooner then later as well.

We will keep you updated on his progress as the Summer progresses.

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